Exterior cracking stucco
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Have you ever driven through a neighborhood and noticed hairline cracks in the shape of blocks on the side and front of houses??

You are looking at the block joints cracking out because when the house was built it unfortunately was never given the proper time to cure. Because the builder is usually in a rush to finish the house. Think about it like a cake! What would happen if you didn’t let it cool before putting the icing on! There are also some other reason that some will blame on the cracking as well. Such as; Stucco might be too thin and the paint was either applied very thin or the life of the paint job has expired. I guess it's all in ones opinion. I feel you have to start at the bottom and concrete does not truly dry over night, it sometimes takes months to cure.

DON’T PANIC! We have an affordable solution. One, don’t let it get to this point. Once you see your paint start to fade or become chalky you have to paint. Two, If it is to late take a look at the cracks, if they are big just run a good elastomeric caulking over them and wipe away excess with a sponge. If the cracks are still small you actually can just prime and paint them with a good exterior latex paint, I personally like Sherwin Williams Loxon. Then top coat with there Super paint or Duration Satin. The Loxon actually will bridge the crack together and it elasticity will stop it from coming back in the future. I hope this helps.

Thank you! 

Tyran Jacoby